tartufi pieve del colle

The Truffle Plantation

On our lands there is also a truffle-plantation of Tuber Melanosporum Vitt, locally known as the tartufo nero pregiato, or Perigord-truffle. We have a hectare with 380 small oak- and 20 hazel-trees, enriched with spores of the truffle. The plantation is situated opposite the Pieve and can be reached by a small path. The soil is a mixture of calcearous and clay earth, ideal for this type of truffle. The plantation is in need of year-round care: pruning, mowing and watering. It takes 7 to 10 years before the first truffles can be harvested. They grow in autumn and winter, and the ‘huntingseason’ is from 1st of december till the 15th of march. To find the truffles you need a well trained truffle-dog. We have several, with love trained dogs, and for those interested we are happy to give a demonstration truffle hunting.

Acqualagna: Capital of theTruffle

Close to Urbania is Acqualagna, together with Alba Italian capital of the truffle. Every year it hosts the national truffle fair “Fiera Nazionale del Tartufo Bianco”. Year round there are more truffle related activities. For more information:

Truffle-Based Dishes

We use truffle in many of the typical dishes we serve in our restaurant: crostini with trufflecream, steak with truffle, tagliatelle with truffle or a fresh salad with truffle and many many more delicious possibilities.