Our Family

esterno entrata

For generations our family is working the land with love and dedication. In 1999 we dicided to put our hearts into an agriturismo. We love to let people enjoy our hospitality, bring them in contact with nature, the magnificent Montefeltro landscape and let them savour our honest and healthy dishes.

Grandpa Bramo

Founder of our agriturismo. A warm and sensitive man. Passionate and tireless worker, perhaps a little stubborn, but determined and full of willpower. Alas no longer among us, but continues to live within us, in our characters and the values he passed onto us.

Granma Ave

Nicknamed ‘ the tractor’. Tireless worker, made the ideas of nonno Bramo possible. Reliable and caretaking, a real mother-hen. She still has many tasks: passing on experience, works in the garden, makes pasta and dough and prepares fruits and vegetables for our jams and our conserves.


The owner of the agriturismo and coordinator of all activities. Available and warm. Versatile and creative, always busy to improve the agriturismo with new ideas. Contact for the guests, takes care of the worksops, manages the kitchen and does everything else necessary. Born in 1971, married with Paolo and mother of Andrea and Giorgia.


Strong and brave, he is the one who actually runs the farm: works the land, harvests and takes care of the farm animals. Great worker, warm and inventive. Handyman: plummer, carpenter, electricien and mechanic. Expert on the old machinery of our museum. Born in 1974, married to Elisabetta and father of Tommaso and Matteo.


Strong and determined, she will not rest until her goal is reached. Sensitive and warm. She works in the garden, takes care of the wine-cellar, the conserves, the meat- and other products. Serves in the restaurant and likes to advise on what to do during your stay. Born in 1982, married to Alessandro and mother of Oscar and Oliver.