The Balcony of Piero della Francesca

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23rd of june 2012, the ‘Balconies of Piero della Franscesca were inaugurated. Different observation points where the landscape that served as background to the renaissance painter can be admired. Here, at Pieve della Colle, is the balcony ‘I Trionfi’ where the background of the diptych (Florence, Uffizi museum) unveils itself for your eyes.

The Renaissance Landscape of Montefeltro

For centuries art historians have been trying to find the geografical places that inspired renaissance painters like Piero della Franscesca, Raphael and Leonardo da Vinci. In 2007 the researchers Rosetta Borchia and Olivia Nesci found the landscapes that served as background in the paintings of Piero della Franscesca between his native Sansepolcro and Rimini and Urbino.

Still now Montefeltro, especially inland, has a magnificent landscape. Here, between the soft sloping hills of the Metauro valley, several masterpieces of Piero della Franscesca and other artists were created. Also the area itself, with it’s almost unchanged natural beauty, can be considered a masterpiece.

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Balcony ‘I Trionfi’

The first ‘rediscovered’ landscapes are those in the diptych representing the duke of Urbino (Piero della Franscesca, Uffizi, Florence).
From the balcony ‘I Trionfi’ one can admire the landscape that serves as background in the painting with the triumph carts carrying Federico da Montefeltro and his wife Battista Sforza.

The valley of the Trionfi is a large plain, crossed by the Metauro, round the comunities Urbania, Fermignano, Urbino and Acqualagna, framed by a low mountain range. The painting is made from a birds-eye view and pictures an area ranging from San Silvestro expanding to Urbino, the mountains of the Cesane, till, with hills ever still smaller, Ancona and Conero and on the left the Apennine mountain range.

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Visit Balcony ‘I Trionfi’

It is also possible to visit the balcony ‘I Trionfi’ with a guide.
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Children till 12 are free.

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