The Educational Farm

fattoria didattica

Exept being an agriturismo, we also are an educational farm: we offer our guests, and especially the children, the possibility to connect with rural life.

The Educational Farm, How It Works

The educational farm is aimed at bringing people in contact with farmlife, nature, the animals and the environment, and learn something on the way. It is suitable for all: families, schoolclasses and certainly for children.

Activities for Schools and Children

The goal of the activities on the educational farm is to stimulate the children in the use of their senses, and let them observe, discover and use. The contact with nature cannot develop without fysical contact, and therefore the children are actively involved in the activities in and around the farm.

Workshops on the Farm

We offer various workshops, both to learn and practice. These are our workshops:

  • The animals of the farm: history, tradition, breeding and raising, and trivia.
  • The vegetable garden.
  • Threshing the grain and the Agricultural Museum. (In our museum we have a collection of old machinery and tools.)
  • The grape harvest: from grape to wine.
  • Jam workshop.
  • Vegetables: conserves, sweet an sour and under oil.
  • From pig to sausage.
  • Bread and crescia.
  • From flour to pasta.
  • Organic harvest: cereal, vegetables, seeds and truffles.
  • From grain to flour.
  • Living green: organic, green power, waste sorting and cooking with leftovers.

It is possible to establish a special program for larger groups visiting our farm (schooltrips, sporting groups etc.).

  • Groups, snack included: €10.
  • Visit with tasting of our products: €15.
  • Minimum participants: 10.
  • Minimum 7 days notice.