Activities in and around the Agriturismo

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Educational Visit of the Farm

An educational visit of our farm is free, and can be requested at any moment. We love to tell you about our traditions and the history of the farm and the Pieve. We’ll visit the fields, the truffle-plantation, the vinyard, the vegetable garden and of course our own agricultural museum. We ‘ll show you our animals and can feed them together. And we’ ll fianlly visit the ‘balcony of Piero della Franscesca’ to admire the view.

Cook and Herb Courses

For cooking- and nature-lovers we offer a variety of courses and activities:

  • Herbal walk: recognizing, collecting, the use in the kitchen and working of wild herbs.
  • Recognising of the flora and fauna of this area.
  • The natural kitchen.
  • The traditional ktchen ( pasta’s, meat and side dishes and desserts).
  • Cooking with wild herbs.
  • Cooking with cereals and legumes.
  • Preparing a real Italian dinner.
  • The typical local cuisine and our own traditionalfamily recipes.

Nature and Wellbeing

The holistic coaches of Vivere con Gioia accompany their guests to do just that what the name says: live with joy. The activities available:
yoga, reiki, crystal therapy, reflex therapy, collecting herbes and more. You can also organize your own gathering with friends, a coach will be at your disposal. For more information:

The Thresh Festival

Once a year, ususally the second sunday of august, we organize the ‘Festa della Battitura’, the thresh festival, when we thresh the grain in the old way. Traditionally, goose-based dishes are served on this day, which used to be raised especially for this festive occasion.