pranzo sala

The restaurant is open year round, both for sleeping guests as others. We are open for lunch and diner, but reservations are necessary.

The restaurant comprises two cosy diningrooms, decorated in the rustic style of the agriturismo.

The Organic Kitchen

Honest and Healthy Dishes, 100% Local

All our dishes are made from our own hown-grown organic products. The things we do not produce ourselves, such as cheese and olive-oil, we buy at other local organic farmers.

Traditional Kitchen

Typical ‘Marchigian’ Dishes

The renowned culinary traditions of the Marche, and in particular the dishes of Urbino and Montefeltro, is the centerpoint of our restaurant: home-made pasta, roasted goose and ‘ in porchetta’, crostolo, bostrengo, fruit-liqueurs, wild flowers and herbs and ,of course, dishes with truffles.


Everything Prepared In-House

All dishes served are made here at home: the pasta, the bread, baked in the wood-oven, pastries and jams, the meats and the sauces. We pay particular attention to the traditional, local recipes and way of cooking. Senses and tastes thought to be forgotten, come back to life in our restaurant.


Dishes Made with Wild Herbs, Berries and Flowers

In our kitchen we use many wild herbs, berries and flowers that we collect in the countryside around: sage, fennel, nettle, elderberry, eglantine and many more.

Special Cooking

Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten-Free or Other Intolerances

We care about the needs of our guests, and on request we gladly prepare one of our many dishes suitable for a specific diet or food-intolerance.