Our Organic Products

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Here are all our products that can be tasted here in the agriturismo.
Some of our products are on sale, according to the availability of the moment and only here in the agriturismo.


We make jam from the fruit of our trees (peach, cherry, plum, apple, apricot and more) and wild berries (elderberry, rosehip).


We make conserves (both sweet&sour and under oil) from the vegetables from our garden, such as tomatoes, eggplant, cucumber, peppers, cabbage etc.

Bread and Focaccia

We bake bread, pizza, focaccia and other salty bites from our own biological flour, cooked in the traditional wood-oven for a unique, natural taste.

Sweets and Pies

Our pastry is of course prepared with our own flour, and cooked in the wood-oven. For the filling we use our jams, fruit of the moment or the berries from the land.

Home-Made Pasta

With our flour, the fresh eggs from our chicken and our vegetables we make pasta: tagliatelle, gnocchi, ravioli, capelletti and all the other forms of pasta.

Soup and Salad

With our cereals, legumes and vegetables we make delicious warm soup and a variety of luscious salads.


From the meat of our pigs we make a variety of meats: salami, ham, sauusages, pancetta, lonza, goletta and more.


All meat served comes from the farm or is game.